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Faith In Action 5-8

Our Faith in Action literacy resources are designed to help Middle-school students put their faith into action while also developing literacy skills. Each resource includes: reading texts, comparing information, writing skills, brainstorming, collaboration, and comprehension skills.

Level: 5-8

Faith in Action: Epiphany

Students will: Read about the significance of Epiphany, the Three Kings, and the gifts they brought to Jesus Discover how people celebrate this day. Lear... Read More...

Faith in Action: The Rosary

Students will use the Faith In Action materials to learn about the background and meaning of the Rosary in their daily lives. It's a great Reading comprehension... Read More...

Faith in Action: Advent

Students will: Learn about the customs and traditions of Advent Reflect on how our faith can be fired up for the season of Advent Design and mak... Read More...