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This lesson will enable students to ascertain a better understanding of the apostles’ works.



Learning Outcomes

Students will define the role of apostles.
Students will identify the apostles’ work throughout the Bible.
Students will analyze these works.
Students will combine their research in order to construct a presentation for their classmates.


Computers for each student
Writing utensils, notebook paper
Presentation materials

Time Table

Entire In-Class Time: 5-6 hours
Student’s Homework Time: 2-3 hours


Oh my goodness! The Third Vatican Council has formed and there is some serious arguing going on. Our leaders are debating whether or not the work of the apostles is necessary to teach our school children. There are people on either side of the debate. Some say that our faith would not have formed to what it is today without the work of the apostles, and others say that Jesus, our Lord, would have found a way without the apostles. They say that our focus when teaching school children about the Catholic faith should be based on Jesus only. As the arguing continues, the Council is getting nowhere. They are looking to you for help. Can you find the evidence needed? Collect your evidence and support your case to the council. You have 5 days to complete your task. May God be with you in your journey!

Questions, Roles, And Tasks

Questions for entire group to answer:
What does it mean to be an apostle?
Who were the apostles?
Which apostles contributed to the Bible?

Student Roles:
Student 1 – The Preacher – Research how the apostles preached the good news of Jesus.
Student 2 – The Architect – Research how the apostles set up churches of Christ.
Student 3 – The Miracle Worker – Research how the apostles performed miracles.
Student 4 – The Receiver – Research how Jesus and his apostles were accepting of everyone.
The Third Vatican Council – The rest of the class not presenting at the moment.

Once you have completed your research, you should come together with your group to create a presentation to your classmates (the Council).


First, one of your group members should write down the roles on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl. Then, each group member should pick from that bowl to determine which role they will research.

Next, you will move away from your group while you research. You should sit with the other groups’ members who have the same role as you. For example, all architects should sit next to each other. This is important to brainstorm with the other members who are researching the same role as you.

Once researching is complete, your original group members should come together and start brainstorming a suitable presentation to the Council. Creativity is encouraged.

Presentation Ideas:

PowerPoint presentation, Website, Video, Skit, News show, Play, Newspaper, Poster, Etc…

It is important to remember that the Bible must be used as your primary reference.

Helpful Sites

The Preacher

BibleGateway – Searching the Bible

Bible – Online Bible

Acts Chapter 1-8, 12, 19, 28


The Architect

BibleGateway – Searching the Bible

New American Bible – Online Bible

Acts Chapter 8-12, 9, 2


The Miracle Worker
BibleGateway – Searching the Bible

Acts Chapter 3, 5, 8, 9, 13, 19, 20, 28


The Receiver

BibleGateway – Searching the Bible

Acts 11, 2
I Peter 3 & 5
Ephesians 4
Colossians 3:13
Deuteronomy 16
Galatians 6
I Thessalonians 5
II Timothy 2
John 15
Philippians 2

Assessment Rubric

Download the Assessment Rubric


After finishing your quest on the teachings of the apostles, hopefully you have walked away from this experience with a better understanding of the twelve than when you first began.  Now, for your last piece of homework, you write a paragraph long reflection piece to your teacher about your experience in doing this WebQuest.  Thank you for all of your hard work and God Bless!